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The right technology can give smaller companies with moderate budgets and edge over larger or more financially equipped competitors by providing the tools to accomplish effective data management, analysis, research, distribution, sharing and communications.  A well developed technology infrastructure can ensure that your company has the ability to take advantage of opportunities and implement current business and productivity solutions.

We are a   Authorized Resellers/Small Business Specialists and our employees are Certified Netware Engineers. This means that as a client, you have our staff to support your operations and a you have a direct connection to Novell for those times when the size or complexity of a project becomes daunting. Novell is currently offers a Small Business Suite that provides essential technology to businesses with less than 50 workstations. 

We also service and support Microsoft's NT/2000/XP Pro Networks specializing in their Small Business Server.

Advanced Information Management also provides a number of outsourcing opportunities for small and emerging businesses.  For most companies, there is not a need for a full-time computer specialist.  Until that fateful moment when something goes wrong.  Then you need someone full-time, at least until the problem is solved.  By utilizing our services, we can free you of the costs necessary to employ and train a computer specialist.  We provide our services when you need them, and we are available for on-going maintenance and equipment management as well.

For businesses needing assistance with software installation and training, we provide on-site support services.  Our preference is to utilize your own equipment and information.  That eliminates the concept that your equipment cannot do the same things as the equipment in the training facility.  Both one-on-one and group training can be arranged.

Disaster recovery has become a popular topic recently due to the natural and man-made problems businesses are facing.  For our network clients, we will also provide the necessary documentation to rebuild and recreate your network on a moments notice.  Rebuilding can be done either on your own site, or at an alternate facility if the needs dictate. 

Efficiency - Costs - Upgradeability.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide the expertise required to define your information technology needs and then design and implement the optimal network to fit those needs.  Call Advanced Information Management so we can explain how these services can benefit your organization today. (217)562-4455

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