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1040 Tax Estimator  How much tax will you pay this year?  Use this interactive 1040 tax problem solver to help determine your tax liability.

Personal Finance

Checkbook Balancer  Let us help you balance that unwieldy checkbook.

Life Insurance Estimator  How much life insurance do you need?  Enter your current assets, expenses and income, and let us help you determine how much life insurance you should be looking for.

Debt Consolidation Calculator  Should you consolidate your debts?  Use this calculator to help determine if debt consolidation is the right path for you.

Savings Calculator  Find out what it will take to reach your savings goals. Just enter your savings plan and graphically review your results.

College Savings Plan  If you've got kids, you need to plan for their future.  The earlier you start, the better!  Long term planning with this tool helps you to develop and refine your education savings plan.


Retirement Planner  Find out what you will need for a secure retirement.  Let us help you create your own retirement plan.

Social Security Benefits  Get and estimate of how much you will receive from Social Security when you retire.

Traditional IRA  Examine the time value of your money.  A Traditional IRA can be an excellent method of accumulating funds for your retirement, all while providing a current deduction on your tax return.

Roth IRA  Figure out if an investment in a Roth IRA will outperform a Traditional IRA.  Examine the effects of a current tax deduction versus the tax exempt compounding of your investments.

IRA Conversion  This tool is designed to assist you with evaluating the tax consequences of converting your existing Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA.

Buying a Home

Qualifying  Your first step in getting your own home is finding out how much you can afford to borrow.  Know your budget before you begin to shop.

Points Evaluator  Pay for the points, or opt for the higher interest rate?  Maybe pay down the loan with a larger down payment.  Find out what's best for you with this tool.

30 Year Vs. 15 Year   This simple decision can be one of the toughest.  The trade off of higher payments for a shorter loan and less overall interest can be overwhelming.  Find out which mortgage term best suits you.

Refinance Analyzer  The rates have changed, and is it a good time to refinance your mortgage?  How much can you save, and how long do you need to stay in the house before you've saved enough to cover the costs of the refinancing.

Buying a Car

Auto Loan  Find out how much car you can afford, based on the monthly payment amount you are willing to part with.

Lease Vs. Buy  Leasing your next auto sounds so enticing.  The payments are low, it's cheap to get a brand new car, and best of all, you get to pick out another one in just a few years.  Find out how this easy finance plan stacks up with buying your next car.

Auto Vs. Home Equity Loan  Home Equity loans often have lower interest rates and the interest may be tax deductible.  Can you save enough to offset the risks of putting your home up as collateral?

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